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Spiritual Advice and Counseling

To many Tarot is only about questions concerning the future. 


"Will I ever find happiness?"

"Does he/she love me?"

"When will he/she call?" 

I view Tarot and Divination in general in a much broader perspective.  Rather than just predicting the future and the actions of others (which can change depending upon our own actions and attitudes concerning the future or person in question) we can use the Tarot to look at one's self;  at your own attitudes concerning life and the steps you can take to grow as a Spiritual person.  At Tarot By Ralph I believe we can make better use of a Tarot Reading Session by using the time to look deeply at your own inner intentions and beliefs such as:  

What blockages are there within you holding you back from success and happiness?  

What are some personal areas in your life in which you need to grow?  

How can this growth be brought about in your life?  

Rather than pointing the finger of blame at others, we can use Tarot as a tool to empower the Seeker and allow the Seeker to better understand his/her own self.  The Oracle of Delphi advised seekers to "Know Thyself."  This is the same path I recommend; the path of self discovery, self knowledge, and self improvement.

When you request a reading from me, I will gladly focus on most any topic you would like including, "Will I ever find happiness?"  But let's not limit the session to just that.  Why not take a few extra steps to find out how you can take charge of your own life...your own future...and create the world you desire to live in?  Come to know and humbly accept the Power you hold within and unleash it for your greater good.

Your Future Awaits!

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